What is PoppyLips?


When you hear natural lipstick, you would expect something that would rub off within a few minutes, or just doesn't look as pretty as regular lipstick, right?

But what if I told you that there is a completely natural lip stain made from petals of the beautiful poppy flowers and pomegranate - it's called Poppylips.

Poppylips is an all natural and organic lip stain that not only looks stunningly beautiful and sensual, but also looks exactly the same for over 24 hours - it lasts an incredibly long time.



How to use PoppyLips?

Poppylips can be mixed with Argan Oil and applied on your lips. Your lips will look astonishing, while they are also nourished and protected from chapping at the same time – they'll feel much softer and the color is stunning.

Apply once to obtain a natural rosy pink color and multiple times for a darker tone - intense sensual red color. 


Why should you try natural lipsticks?


Although there are many variations between different lipstick brands, most lipsticks contain the same basic ingredients. These ingredients are wax, oil, color, fragrance, and preservatives.

What most people don't know, is that a lot of these ingredients are toxic and often have harmful chemicals in them - which are sometime ingested.

Harmful amounts of lead is often found in red lipsticks - it is a toxin that can cause serious health problems including brain damage and behavior abnormalities. Lead is very dangerous to pregnant women and children under the age of six years old.

Regular lipsticks also contain hazardous coal tar and mineral oil which block the real skin's pores, and can interfere with skin cell development and proper functioning.

So why not switch to an all natural lip stain which looks amazing and is also a healthier alternative for you?

Your lips will thank you for it!